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I created this blog to share my passion for 'total' health promotion initiatives and research via grassroots movements that put the health of the air, water, and our food first. If you ever wonder why Canada’s health care system is failing, and why we have rising rates of addiction, obesity, and disease. This website is dedicate to thoughtful and philosophical critique of the way we think about what it means to be “Healthy” in the 21st century. Thank you for following!

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Hello Friends,

Over the weekend I taught one of my Canfitpro Nutrition and Weight Loss (NWL) Specialist courses and had a great group of passionate fitness and health professionals to work with. One of the students in the course was an old friend and colleague who was kind enough to do a short video blog recap on his experience in the course. He explains some aspects about the course and I thought it would be a great guest blog (seeing as I am not doing too much in the blog department these days). He has an awesome blog called Lean, Strong, Happy and he has many worthy topics in the area of health, fitness and wellness. Click on the link to be taken to his post on his experience with the NWL course taught by yours truly. Thanks Malcolm!

In Strength and Happiness,


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